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Hello Heart-Conscious Friend,


By now, you're probably pretty interested (and anxious) to learn all about how we may improve your cardiovascular health. Rest assured, this proprietary blend of ingredients have undergone extensive testing and scientific research. After all, our goal is to lower your blood pressure and raise your heart's health -- safely, naturally and effectively.


With this holistic technique, our satisfied customers have experienced astounding benefits for reducing their blood pressure. Some have even reported reductions of as much as 60 points, in only a few days!


You see, on the following pages, you'll find valuable, easily understandable information for the health of your heart, and beyond. And it doesn't matter if you're as "healthy as a horse" or you've done some serious damage to your ticker; we can help you!


   It doesn't matter how long you've suffered from high blood pressure and hypertension...

   It doesn't matter if you're overweight, have an unhealthy diet, or little (if any) exercise in your life

   It doesn't matter if you suffer from a shopping list of health problems

   It doesn't matter if you've tried -- and failed – with "miracle" fad diets, media-friendly medications, or ridiculous tools and accessories (Hello, garbage bag jogging suit!)



On the following pages, we're going to guide you through every step of this dietary development. Along the way, we'll address your questions and concerns. With this remarkable proprietary technique, you'll be spared from any harmful drug's side effects. You'll be able to maintain your regular schedule, with no inconvenience. And, this all-natural nutritional blend will save you money, as there will be no need for expensive drugs or surgical procedures.


-    What if you could achieve safe, effective, quick, and long-lasting methods for cardiovascular health?

-    What if you could lower your blood pressure?

-    And what if you could reduce – and even eliminate – the threat of heart attacks or stroke?

Interested? Well, it's all thanks to an ingenious blend of nutrients, including scientifically proven vitamins, minerals, and herbs!


And don't worry; all of our ingredients have been found to offer valuable benefits for cardiovascular health (and so much more)! And while we're going to go into (great) detail later on, we can tell you that we utilize heart-friendly nutrients, such as garlic, potassium, and hawthorn.



"I was always tired and dizzy..." " no matter how much I slept. Then, my doctor said that my blood pressure was well within the "dangerous area." I had to turn my health around, or else! When a friend told me about your product, I figured "what's the worst that could happen?" To my surprise, I soon began to see real changes, and I felt better, more energetic. When my doctor next took my blood pressure, it measured 145/95, and today, it's down to 128/85! I really feel better; I'm not dizzy or tired, and I exercise regularly. My family and friends are all very impressed with these changes. I can't recommend your product enough for anyone with high blood pressure!

A. Thompson; Newark, NJ



You see, whether you're in good shape or not, there are steps you can take to improve your body's performance. Within this report, you'll find the information you need to succeed, without any expensive drugs. And don't worry if you haven't absorbed everything -- we're going to explore all of these ideas throughout these pages!




There's no better time to take control of your heart's health. Leading health care experts continue to provide evidence that America's adult population is not doing so well


According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is a growing problem. An estimated 65 million Americans 20 years or older are now afflicted with high blood pressure, with those over the age of 35 (especially the middle-aged and elderly) being the most targeted. 


Aside from those men and women over the age of 35, this condition affects certain demographics, including: African Americans, obese people, and heavy drinkers. And yes, low blood pressure does run in families. However, that doesn't mean that those with family members affected will definitely develop the condition themselves!


On top of these potential risk factors, it's important to take into account the "ever-growing" obesity epidemic that now affects 200 million Americans (2/3 of the entire adult population)! Pretty heart-stopping, right?


Basically, we measure our blood pressure in two ways: systolic (the rate when the heart beats) and diastolic (the rate when the heart is at rest).


    An adult with high blood pressure has a systolic rate equal or greater than 140 mm Hg (millimeters of mercury, the standard measuring increment), OR

    A diastolic rate equal or greater than 90 mm Hg


So what is "normal blood pressure," then? According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the average adult's heart should have a blood pressure rate of less than 120/80 mm. If your blood pressure remains between 120–139/80–89, you have a condition known as "prehypertension." Anything over these levels, which is considered "high," is hypertension. Take a look at the following the chart to know just where you stand, heart-wise:


Blood Pressure Stage









Stage One Hypertension



Stage Two Hypertension




Keep in mind that your blood pressure rate will rise and fall occasionally, such as when you exercise or sleep. But as long as you stay near these numbers, you're doing OK!



While high blood pressure is a dangerous health risk, it can actually lead to a variety of even more serious health problems. This includes stroke, coronary heart disease, and even .... HEART ATTACKS! According to the American Heart Association (AHA), from 1993-2004, those deaths related to complications of high blood pressure increased nearly 30%! Is there any wonder why high blood pressure is nicknamed the "Silent Killer"?

Dangerous Statistics
According to the American Heart Association

In 2009, High Blood Pressure killed 61,762 Americans



Quite simply, there's no better time to explore the methods available to improve your heart's health! And sure, you have some options:


1.) You could try to live with the weakness and exhaustion, as you miss out on life.

2.) You could throw away your money on expensive medications and so-called "miracle diets." And you can try to deal with the unpleasant typical side effects!

3.) Or, you could take a natural and effective product. One formulated with scientifically proven vitamins, minerals and herbs, all shown to offer valuable benefits for your cardiovascular health.


"I feel 30 years younger." I've been taking this product for about three months and my blood pressure is better than it has been in years. I haven't been able to climb stairs for years and now I can. I feel better than I have in years. I'll be 74 years old tomorrow and I feel 30 years younger."

E. Brantley; Malden, MO


By now, you probably can't wait to add this nutritional blend to your schedule. After all, who wouldn't be interested in a product that had the potential to reduce high blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health?


But rest assured, this is no "miracle product." We aren't going to guarantee instant heart health! You'll still have to maintain a proper diet and try to follow a regular program of exercise. Rather, two daily servings of this proprietary product will provide optimal amounts of essential nutrients shown to benefit cardiovascular health.


The key to this project's effectiveness? The six main ingredients, all found to offer impressive cardiovascular benefits in studies. Here's an overview of these unique nutrients:


1.) Hawthorn – For millennia, this berry was prized as an essential tool for optimal heart health. Its leaves, fruit and flowers are antioxidants that function as natural vasodilators (widening blood vessels). In a published study in 1999 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, patients with chronic heart disease were given 600 mg/d of a hawthorn extract. At the study's end, those given hawthorn had lower blood pressure and heart rates and less shortness of breath when exercising, as compared to those not receiving hawthorn. Research shows that hawthorn may lower "bad" cholesterol, and may benefit patients with congestive heart failure and angina (chest pain and/or discomfort).


2.) Magnesium – Crucial for every bodily process, this mineral is vital for maintaining cardiovascular function. It's may regulate heart rhythms and blood clotting, lower blood pressure, and protect the arteries' lining from stressful, sudden blood pressure changes. This mineral may be effective for cardiac arrhythmia (uneven heartbeat rhythms). A published found that magnesium may benefit symptomatic peripheral artery disease (the legs' arteries become narrow, causing pain and other symptoms).


3.) Garlic – Besides complementing meals, this herb may be a cardiovascular powerhouse! Garlic may be crucial for widening blood vessels, thereby boosting blood circulation, and lowering high blood pressure. It's been found to lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol and raise HDL ("good") cholesterol. A groundbreaking study in Atherosclerosisfound that garlic reduced both platelet stickiness and the likelihood of those platelets sticking to arterial walls. As a result, the risks of heart attack AND atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) were reduced, as well.


4.) Calcium – This mineral's bone/teeth benefits are well-known, but it's also crucial for cardiovascular health. The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found a link between calcium deficiency and high blood pressure. Those people following healthy diets, including 2-3 daily servings of low-fat, calcium-rich dairy foods, had reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In addition, calcium may reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, regulate heart rhythms, and even assist with blood clotting!


5.) Capsicum pepper – Fans of hot and spicy foods love this pepper, but did you know that it may be very effective for cardiovascular health? An article by Dr. Darrell L. Wolfe, Ac, Ph.D., found that capsicum may enhance blood clotting and circulation, reduce blood vessel inflammation, remove toxins/poisons from the blood, and help with healing and infections. Research suggests that capsicum may improve cholesterol health, which may also help to lower high blood pressure. This pepper may help to reduce systemic blood pressure, as well.


6.) Potassium – Various studies, including the DASH study (see above), show that this mineral may help to reduce high blood pressure. Potassium has also been shown to regulate the heart's rhythms and contractions.



"Avalowerin sure does the same as my prescription drug, plus is a whole lot cheaper" I am 44 years old and happy to have found your product Avalowerin for high blood pressure. It sure does the same as my prescription drug, plus it's a whole lot cheaper and I don't have to worry about staying out in the sun, now I can get a tan. Thank you sincerely.."

A. Panzak; Whiting, NJ



As long as you follow the guidelines, you'll find that you have MORE! MORE Energy, MORE Vitality, MORE Strength, and MORE enthusiasm for life! You'll find that your family, friends and co-workers are happy to be around you, as they know that you've turned the corner on your health.


You may experience improvements in your work performance, more enjoyable friendships and relationships, a happier home life, and even a vastly enhanced love life! But that's not all ...


    You're going to be able to improve your cardiovascular health naturally. That means NO need for drugs, medications, or surgical procedures!


    There are no complex directions, no Latin terms, no confusing medical jargon, and no industry buzzwords. The simple directions are written in easily understood language, with every step laid out for proper usage. We don't want you to have any questions or concerns -- just satisfaction in our product!


    You won't be burdened by annoying and dangerous side effects; no nausea, sweating, sleeplessness or drowsiness for you.


    And here's one more factor in your favor ... you're going to save money! You see, you won't have to purchase any expensive tools or products. You won't have to bill your health insurance either. Everything you need is well within your budget!


"... it definitely works for me and costs 1/3 less..." I am middle aged and for the past five years I have had high blood pressure. Two doctors gave me Propanol (which damaged my liver). Later the prescription was changed to Toprol, which did not work over a 24 hour period. By chance I came across your website and discovered your product. It works for me and costs 1/3 less than the Toprol medicine. Thanks NSL!"

M. Janousek; Live Oak, FL


OK, that's enough suspense! May we now present you with the secret to naturally improving your high blood pressure ...





We've formulated this proprietary nutritional blend to provide optimal amounts of those minerals and herbs shown in studies to benefit cardiovascular health. You've already read just how these nutrients may effectively reduce high blood pressure.


And, you're now familiar with their benefits for your cardiovascular health as a whole. Blood circulation, clotting, cholesterol health, potential protection against related conditions ... all of these have been found to benefit from the collection of powerful nutrients contained in every bottle of Avalowerin.



Each of Avalowerin's unique ingredients, have undergone extensive clinical research and testing. We are confident that these unique nutrients may improve cardiovascular health and function, especially when it comes to reducing high blood pressure. By taking just one tablet daily, you will receive optimal amounts and levels of those nutrients shown to impart benefits for cardiovascular health.


Well, that settles it. I definitely want to purchase Avalowerin. What's the next step?


We're offering you, our knowledgeable and loyal consumers, one truly tantalizing mixture of some of the most heart-friendly nutrients on the planet. By taking just once daily, you will be consuming optimal amounts of nutrients shown in scientific studies to impart potential benefits for:


     Reducing high blood pressure

     Cholesterol health – both reducing "low-density lipoprotein" (LDL, or "bad" cholesterol) AND increasing "high-density lipoprotein" (HDL, or "good" cholesterol)

     Regulating normal, steady heart rhythms

     Maintaining good blood circulation

     Removing potentially harmful blood clots

     Protecting the health and structure of arteries and blood vessels

     Improving your own body's healing power

     Cleaning and purifying the blood, thereby defending against infections

     Providing protection from cardiovascular conditions, including angina, atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack, AND

     Improving overall health



"My blood pressure has been stable for over 6 months"
I'm so very happy to have your all natural product, Avalowerin, for my blood pressure rather than a strong prescription drug. My blood pressure has been stable for over 6 months, and I feel 100% better than when taking such a harsh drug. Thank you for providing high-quality, all natural products that I trust. I'll be a customer for life! God bless."

B. Inman; Cape Girardeau, MO



WOW! All of these benefits for cardiovascular health, thanks to a simple, proprietary collection of minerals and herbs? You'd probably expect to fork over hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the opportunity to improve and extend your life, right?

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"No more waiting in long lines at the pharmacy... "No more waiting in long lines at a pharmacy and high price prescriptions for me. Avalowerin helps to keep my blood pressure under control. Thanks a lot." -- I. McClain; Mission, TX




Well, we're pretty confident that you'll be much more than satisfied – you're going to want to immediately make Avalowerin a permanent part of your daily schedule. AND you're going to want to spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors ...!


And once you decide to stick with Avalowerin, we're not going to take advantage of your loyalty. No, we're going to continue providing you with all of the benefits of Avalowerin, at an amazing discounted price!


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Rest assured, if you have any questions or concerns, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available! You can pay online, at Or, you can send your requests through the mail, at:



"I was feeling dizzy... " My blood pressure was 190/97. I was feeling dizzy. I ordered Avalowerin and my blood pressure is 140/76 and 130/76. I am not dizzy. I really recommend this miracle formula for high blood pressure. Please, anybody with high blood pressure - try Avalowerin. You will be glad you did."

C. Dyer; Syracuse, NY

Now that you've received all of this vital information, you have no excuse for living with poor cardiovascular health. Not when you have the means to naturally reduce your high blood pressure, quickly, safely and permanently!


It's all due to the proprietary blend of nutrients formulated in Avalowerin – ingredients that have promoted heart-healthy benefits for centuries. We encourage you to try Avalowerin TODAY! You owe it to yourself, your family, and your friends. Take these benefits to "heart"!


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