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The best of the best, Avalowerin takes BP nutrition science to the next level.

Four decades of nutritional science research has yielded Avalowerin for faster, more precise and more powerful results. This cutting-edge blood pressure formula combines the Chinese herb Cordyceps with scientifically extracted concentrate of Flavonoid Glycosides.

While analyzing these two nutrients, Herb Tech scientist discovered Cordyceps helps promote the opening and closing of blood vessels, supporting healthy blood flow and healthy cardiovascular system. They also found Flavonoid Glycosides promotes the heart muscle contract more forcefully thereby keeping blood vessels open and allowing blood to flow smoothly. Together along with seven other blood pressure targeting nutrients make Avalowerin a powerful natural formula to promote healthy blood pressure health levels already in normal range.

My doctor says “Keep on using Avalowerin”

"I have been using Avalowerin for a few months and have seen a dramatic change in my health. I'm a 54 year old retired male and prior to using Avalowerin my blood pressure was 160/95, now it is 120/62. I feel better in so many ways. My doctor approves of my natural Avalowerin pills and has even recommended that I keep on using Avalowerin. Thank you for this wonderful product."

“It's 100% natural and that’s what I like”

"My high blood pressure at my doctors appointment was 248/151. She wanted to put me on more pills, but I told her I was already taking too many and asked her to give me a little time. By some miracle I saw your advertisement for Avalowerin and it caught my eye. I liked the fact that I could try it before I purchased it. In 3 months, my blood pressure had come down to 135/88, I was so proud I asked the doctor for a copy. My doctor said she had never seen anything happen so fast that was 100% natural. It's been 6 months since I started taking Avalowerin, I am still in the healthy range and my doctor said my arteries are very healthy."

“BP goes from 210/105 to 140/74”

"My name is Eba and I'm 48 year old. I feel I need to write you and tell you how thrilled I am with what your remarkable product has done in lowering my blood pressure. My BP was sky high at 210/105. A friend at work gave me your web site and said I should give it a try, boy am I glad I did. I think you might have saved my life. I now check my BP every morning and am happy to say it has come way down 140/74."

“Avalowerin rather than drugs”

"In May of 2009 my Systolic Blood Pressure level was 190 and my Physician wanted me to start taking a blood pressure lowering agent. I said no way and elected to find an alternative which I'm pleased to say was Avalowerin. My recent Systolic level was within the normal range and my Diastolic level was much lower as well. The only thing I can contribute my success to is your product, because my diet stayed the same. I have started my wife on it rather than the drugs."

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Angela Plasco
July 30, 2015
I would like to order another 2 month supply of the Avalowerin. I am going to give a bottle to my brother and let him try it; he is a little bit of a skeptic but I am sure he'll change his mind after using your product. My Blood Pressure went from 160/98 to 118/78, nearly perfect, in just 1 month. I am sure it will work the same for my brother, I will write you back and let you know the results he had.

Barnie Norris
July 29, 2015
I never thought I would ever write a testimonial. But after watching my blood pressure drop from 240/97 to 130/73 after taking Avalowerin I just felt the need to share the experience with others.

Fred Blastic
July 20, 2015
What a fantastic way to keep my blood pressure in check. I have used your product for six months now with great success. I love that it is 100% natural without side effects. Can you add two more bottles to my regular shipment. Also I want to thank you for sending the free lecture it was very educational.

William Reynoso
June 19, 2015
I would recommmend Avalowerin for anyone with high blood pressure. It has lowered my blood pressure to the point that I no longer have to rely on drugs.

Linda Carlson
June 10, 2015
I started using Avalowerin after my doctor told me I was borderline for hypertension. After only 3 months of using it, I went for another check up and my blood pressure was 122/84. I was thrilled with the results.

Michelle Berry
May 28, 2015
As a registered nurse for over 24 years I know the havoc high blood pressure can have on an individual’s life. I have used Avalowerin for 2 years and have recommend it to hundreds of people. I haven’t had one person tell me they’ve been disappointed with the results. I’m not surprised though, because I know Avalowerin really works.

Linda Kirches
May 26, 2015
You have created a miracle for me. I can’t thank you enough, for your formula. Avalowerin has dramatically lowered my BP. Thanks.


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